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Hurricane News Archives >> February 6-10, 2012
Wallace Coleman Back in Morristown 2/6/2012



Morristown native Wallace Coleman is coming back home to perform at Rose Center on

February 11th in the Prater Hall at 8:00 PM; the doors open at 7:30 PM. Tickets are $15.

Wallace Coleman is known for being a blues singer. His career began in 1956 when he leftTennesseeto pursue his musical interests.

He taught himself how to play the harmonica on his breaks at work. A co-worker brought his cousin to hear Coleman play at his work. After the meeting, Wallace joinedCleveland’s Guitar Slim at the Cascade Lounge.

While performing, he got the attention of Robert Jr. Lockwood. Robert wanted him to participate in his band. Coleman denied his request because he wanted to retire from his first job before joining Lockwood’s band.

Wallace performed with Lockwood’s band for ten years. Out of the blue, the other band mates formed the Wallace Coleman band. Coleman was not informed until later that they had done this.

Wallace Coleman is now the proud owner of his own label, Ella Mae Music. He plans on creating new releases on his label as well as having a live recording which will include his original compositions.

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