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Hurricane News Archives >> February 6-10, 2012
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As February 14th nears, people world-wide begin to exchange flowers or candy with friends and loved ones. Although this is tradition, many fail to recognize the significance of the holiday. Saint Valentine’s Day is not just set aside for a date night with that special someone, but it is a day that unfolds several mysteries of years past.

One mystery begins with a man named Saint Valentine, who was a priest in ancient Rome. The emperor of Rome decided that single men made better soldiers than men with wives or children, so he decided to completely outlaw marriage for young men. This would ensure that Rome’s army ranks would always be full, but Saint Valentine disagreed with the selfish decision of the emperor. Saint Valentine continued to hold marriage ceremonies for young couples, no matter what the unjust emperor said. For Valentine’s actions against the emperor, he was sentenced to death.

Another mystery suggests that Saint Valentine sent the first “valentine” greeting while serving a sentence in prison. It is believed, that Saint Valentine fell in love with a young girl who visited him daily while in prison. Before his death, Saint Valentine wrote the young girl a letter signed “From your Valentine.” This phrase is now known world-wide as a conclusion to most love letters.

Both of these mysteries clearly show the love and compassion that Saint Valentine had for young couples. Although these stories may seem surprising, they suggest the real significance of the holiday. So on February 14, 2012 show compassion to friends and loved ones, just as Saint Valentine did many years ago.

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