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Emmy Harrell


Internet social networking sites seemed to be the center of all the commotion during the past year. Twitter and Facebook are being devoured by teenagers. However, recently a new website has seemed to spark an interest. With over 11 million visits a week, Pinterest, made Times Magazine “Top 50 websites of the year,” in August 2011. This innovative website is a streaming of pictures and videos broken down into several categories that include:

architecture, art, cars & motorcycles, design, DIY & crafts, education, film, music & books, fitness, food & drink, gardening, geek, hair & beauty, history, home décor, humor, kids, my life, women’s apparel, men’s apparel, outdoors, people, pets, photography, print & posters, products, science & nature, sports, technology, travel & places, wedding & events, other, and everything.

Since December, a viewer must request to become a member of Pinterest by entering an email and confirming the invitation sent from Pinterest. After becoming a member one can create a board. This is a set of “pins,” or pictures, on any given topic, for example, “products I love” or “Favorite Places.” A member can also “pin” and “repin” photos of their own, which is simply uploading pictures or uploading a picture that someone else has previously uploaded. Just like any other social network, a member can build a list of people to follow and that determines what images appear on ones bulletin.

Getting the Pinterest terms down and learning how to effectively work the website is helpful, but one will not know the addictive nature of this new social network until they type it into their URL bar. Pinterest is anticipated to become the next leading social networking site this year.

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