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Thanksgiving Food Drive
Posted On:
Friday, November 02, 2018

Our WBL classes are challenging all STORM classes to collect food for Thanksgiving boxes Nov. 5-Nov. 16.  We are partnering with MHHS West on this project, with a goal of donating at least 200 food boxes to Central Services to help needy families this Thanksgiving.

Items requested include the following:

Boxed stuffing
Potatoes or instant mashed potatoes
Evaporated milk
Cream of mushroom soup
Cans of green beans and/or corn
Sweet potatoes (whole or canned)
Pie crust (graham cracker)
Pumpkin pie filling or apple pie filling
Cranberry sauce
Rolls (fresh)
Jars of Gravy
Chicken Broth
Canned Ham
Anything else you think could enhance a Thanksgiving meal that does not have to be refrigerated!

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