Spring 2022 Testing Schedule

Power M

 Spring 2022 Testing Schedule 
EOC Window April 18th-May 6thTested CourseComments
Monday, April 18thNo Testing 
Tuesday, April 19thEnglish SP 1 Essay1st/3rd Periods No STORM
Wednesday, April 20thEnglish SP 1 Essay2nd/4th Periods No STORM
Thursday, April 21stEnglish SP2 & SP31st/3rd Periods
Friday, April 22ndEnglish SP2 & SP32nd/4th Periods
Monday, April 25thMake Up Day 
Tuesday, April 26thMath SP1 
Wednesday, April 27thMath SP2 
Thursday, April 28thMath SP3No STORM
Friday, April 29thBiologyNo STORM
Monday, May 2ndU.S. History SP1 
Tuesday, May 3rdElection Day-NO SCHOOLNO SCHOOL
Wednesday, May 4thU.S. History SP2 
Thursday, May 5thMake Up Day 
Friday, May 6thMake Up Day 
AP/SDC Window May 2nd-May 11thTested CourseComments
Monday, May 2ndUS Government8:00 AM
Tuesday, May 3rdPsychology12:00 PM
Wednesday, May 4thEnglish Lit8:00 AM
Thursday, May 5thHuman Geography8:00 AM
Friday, May 6thUS History8:00 AM
Monday, May 9thCalc AB and BC/Computer Science Principles8:00 AM/12:00 PM
Tuesday, May 10thEnglish Language8:00 AM
Wednesday, May 11thSpanish Language and Culture/Biology8:00 AM/12:00 PM
 SDC SociologyTime-TBA
Tuesday, May 17thSDC Prob & StatsTime-TBA

Testing Bell Schedule

Tuesday, April 19

1st - 8AM - 10:35AM

2nd - 10:41AM - 11:30AM


3rd - 11:36AM - 2:11PM

4th - 2:17PM - 3PM

Wednesday, April 20

2nd - 8AM - 10:35AM

1st - 10:41AM - 11:30AM


4th - 11:36AM - 2:11PM

3rd - 2:17PM - 3PM

Thursday, April 21

1st - 8AM - 11:15AM

NO 2nd

STORM - 11:21AM - 11:40AM

3rd - 11:46AM - 3:00PM

NO 4th

Friday, April 22

NO 1st

2nd - 8AM - 11:15AM

STORM - 11:21AM - 11:40AM

NO 3rd

4th - 11:46AM - 3:00PM

Monday, April 25 - Wednesday, April 27

Regular Schedule

Thursday, April 28 & Friday, April 29

1st - 8AM - 9:36AM

2nd - 9:42AM - 11:18AM


3rd - 11:24AM - 1:18PM

4th - 1:24PM - 3PM

Monday, May 2

Regular Schedule

NO SCHOOL Tuesday, May 3

Wednesday, May 4th - onward

Regular Schedule