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School Hours

Summer hours

Wed May 27 04:57 PM

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Golf Tryouts June 15

Info about Golf Tryouts

Wed May 27 04:53 PM

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Cheerleading Virtual Tryouts June 5-12, 2020

Info about Cheerleading tryouts

Wed May 27 04:22 PM

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Grade Card Day Info

Information about picking up Grade Cards on May 22

Sat May 16 07:21 AM

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Free ACT for Juniors July 18

Information about the free ACT for Juniors on July 18

Fri May 15 09:36 AM

Do you need to register for Walter State classes?

Information for parents and students regarding Walters State registration

Fri May 15 09:25 AM

Senior Laptop Decommission Info

Information regarding Decommissioning of Senior Laptops

Fri May 15 09:17 AM