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Program of Study

Most of the answers to your questions can be found in our program of study.  This has our school's current policies and our class listings.  Most students will find answers to their questions in the program linked above.


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Graduation Requirements

English – 4 credits

1 credit – English I, English I (H)

1 credit – English II, English II (H)

1 credit – English III, AP English Language or Dual Enrollment Composition

1 credit – English IV, AP English Literature or Dual Enrollment Composition

Math – 4 credits

1 credit – Algebra I

1 credit – Algebra II  

1 credit – Geometry

1 credit – an upper level mathematics course.  Students must be enrolled in a mathematics course each year.

Science – 3 credits

1 credit – Physical Science

1 credit – Biology

1 credit – Chemistry or Physics

Social Studies – 4 credits

1 credit – World History and Geography, AP Human Geography

1 credit – U.S. Government and Civics, AP U.S. Government and Civics

1 credit – U.S. History and Geography, AP U.S. History

1 credit – Economics/Personal Finance

Lifetime Wellness – 1 credit

Physical Education - .5 credit

1 credit – Physical Education II (Weightlifting) or Physical Education II Games 

*This requirement may be satisfied by substituting an equivalent time of physical activity in other areas including but not limited to marching band, cheerleading, JROTC, or interscholastic athletics.

Fine Art – 1 credit 

Courses include Art, Band, Choir, and Theatre Arts.

World Language – 2 credits in the same language

Courses include American Sign Language, German, Spanish Elective Focus – 3 credits

Electives – 5.5 credits

Total = 28 credits


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9th Grade Helpful Resources

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