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Graduation Requirements

English – 4 credits

1 credit – English I, English I (H)

1 credit – English II, English II (H)

1 credit – English III, AP English Language or Dual Enrollment Composition

1 credit – English IV, AP English Literature or Dual Enrollment Composition

Math – 4 credits

1 credit – Algebra I

1 credit – Algebra II  

1 credit – Geometry

1 credit – an upper level mathematics course.  Students must be enrolled in a mathematics course each year.

Science – 3 credits

1 credit – Physical Science

1 credit – Biology

1 credit – Chemistry or Physics

Social Studies – 4 credits

1 credit – World History and Geography, AP Human Geography

1 credit – U.S. Government and Civics, AP U.S. Government and Civics

1 credit – U.S. History and Geography, AP U.S. History

1 credit – Economics/Personal Finance

Lifetime Wellness – 1 credit

Physical Education - .5 credit

1 credit – Physical Education II (Weightlifting) or Physical Education II Games 

*This requirement may be satisfied by substituting an equivalent time of physical activity in other areas including but not limited to marching band, cheerleading, JROTC, or interscholastic athletics.

Fine Art – 1 credit 

Courses include Art, Band, Choir, and Theatre Arts.

World Language – 2 credits in the same language

Courses include American Sign Language, German, Spanish Elective Focus – 3 credits

Electives – 5.5 credits

Total = 28 credits