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Main Office - 423-586-2543
Main Office Fax - 423-585-3779

If you call the main office and all lines are busy, you will be transferred to our voicemail system. If this happens, please leave a message with your name and number and your call will be returned as soon as possible.

Attendance Office direct line - 423-587-5316
Attendance Office fax - 423-585-3780 - Please use this number if you need to fax in an excuse for an absence

Athletic Director - 423-586-2543 ext. 42210


Please see the Faculty & Staff page for emails for all other teachers.



Occasionally a teacher, principal or other staff member may need to contact you regarding your student.  Please make sure that we have your current telephone number and/or email address on file so that we can get in touch with you!  If a teacher calls you and does not get an answer, they have been instructed to leave a message for you containing their name, a contact number, and a brief message.  Please check for a message before calling the school back, as the Main Office may not be able to tell who called you!



Assistant Principals

School Counseling

School Counseling Office direct line - 423-586-6102
School Counseling Office fax - 423-587-6714

Main Office

Parent Portal

You can check your child's grades and attendance using Parent Portal.

Parent Portal login and password information can be picked up from the Main Office between 7:50AM and 3:30PM Monday-Friday  You must present photo ID to pick up login information, to guarantee the security of your student's information.

Parent Portal Link Button


Attendance in class is important to a student's success in that class. Students should make every effort to be present for every minute of every class, every day!  It is easier to keep up if you aren't having to catch up!  However, we understand that occasionally students are sick or have other events that cause absences from school.  Please see the sections below for information on reporting absences and obtaining homework during/after an absence.

Please see the MHHSE Student Handbook for our complete attendance policy.


Tardy Policy

When arriving at school after 8AM, students must sign in at the main office and will need a parent note with a phone number for verification (or a doctor's excuse if you are coming from an appointment).  In order to be able to leave school early, students must bring a parent note with a phone number for verification to Mrs. Davenport at the Security Desk or Mrs. Vesser in the Main Office as early as possible before the time the student needs to leave.  We cannot accept call-ins for students to leave early. 

A student is counted TARDY if he/she arrives between 8:00AM-8:13AM, but a student signing in at 8:14AM-9:34AM is counted ABSENT for the first period class. If a student is not in EACH period 61 minutes, they are absent from that period. If students are signed out before 2:47PM they are counted absent from 4th period. Medical notes for early sign outs need to be returned the following day. For full-day absences, a parent note or medical note should be turned in the next day of the student's attendance. Please see the section below for more info regarding reporting absences.


Attendance Points

All students in all classes have the opportunity to earn an extra 2 attendance points each 9 weeks added to their final average for that 9 weeks if he or she is passing a class with no more than 2 EXCUSED absences and has had no ALP, no out of school suspensions, no unexcused tardies, and no alternative school placement during the 9 weeks. Questions regarding attendance should be directed to TJ Sewell or Karen Coburn.


Reporting Absences

When your students are absent, please DO NOT call the school to let us know! We receive a large volume of calls to the Main Office each day & we cannot excuse a student over the phone. All absences are marked unexcused until a written note containing a phone number we can call to verify is turned in to the Attendance Office when the student returns to school OR when the Attendance Office receives an email from a parent containing a phone number to verify. Emails regarding absences should be addressed to Karen Coburn. Written parent notes and doctor notes can be turned in to Mrs. Vesser in the Main Office or to Mrs. Coburn in the Freshman Academy Office. Excuses may also be faxed to the Attendance Office at 423-585-3780.

Homework During/After an Absence

Students are responsible for making up missed work no matter if an absence is excused or unexcused. To check for homework, you are encouraged to contact your student's teachers via PowerSchool Parent Portal. If you do not have a Parent Portal login, this can be obtained from Ms. Bare in the Main Office.  You can also email teachers through their email link on the Faculty & Staff List page on this website. Parents can also call Ms. Vesser at 423-586-2543 ext. 42005 for homework if needed. Thank you!

Please check the Student Handbook and Program of Study for any other questions you may have.

Student Handbook
Program of Study