Online Classes

Niswonger Online Courses


Summer 2021 Classes will begin June 7, 2021


Fall 2021 Classes will begin August 16, 2021


Students will now pay a $25 fee to Hamblen County Schools to register for an online class.  Spots are limited, so don't wait or you will be too late!

Students have HARD deadlines, will receive a 0 for not turning in an assignment by the deadline and WILL NOT be allowed to make up the work unless they have received prior approval from the teacher of their online course.

Students are advised to WORK AHEAD if they will be out of town or otherwise engaged when an assignment is due. It is the STUDENT's responsibility to get all work turned in by the deadlines established by their online teacher!


Benefits of Online Learning

Preparation for College: Most colleges now include an online component for their on-campus classes, in addition to online-only classes.

Preparation for Career: Many jobs, including food service & customer service jobs, require employees to complete some type of online training prior to employment, as well as for continuing education.
Participating in an online class during high schools helps students develop the technology and time management skills that will be necessary in their future education and career experiences.

Requirements for taking Online Classes:

  • Access to a desktop or laptop computer (cannot be done on an iPad or a phone!)
  • Access to high-speed internet TIME to dedicate to the class
  • Time-management skills Self-motivation 3.0 GPA (or Administrator approval)
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Please see your school counselor or Mrs. Collins in the Counseling Office if you are interested in signing up for a Niswonger Online class.