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We will ALWAYS support your right to read & access information!

ALA Library Bill of Rights

Want to raise your ACT English/Reading score?
Taking AP Language or Lit next year? Just love to read?


If any of these apply to you, sign up for Canes Read All Year!

Sign up to check out up to 5 books during the last week of school. 

You can keep these books all summer, or email Ms. Wheatley to arrange a time to swap your books for fresh titles as needed.  All books checked out over the summer will be due back by Friday, August 13.

We encourage students trying to raise ACT scores or prepping for AP to check out books from the ALA’s Outstanding Books for the College Bound lists, but our entire collection will be available for any student who wishes to participate.

We invite you to check in with us via email or social media throughout the summer to talk about your books!


Who's in the Library?
Click the link above and enter the password provided by a Librarian to see who is currently signed in to the Library


Teachers! Check our Schedule Here! - MHHSE Library Google Calendar


Levels of Library Service Available for 2020

No Contact

TN Reads - free ebooks and audiobooks from Morristown-Hamblen Public Library - access with your MHPL Library card

Sign up for a free MHPL e-card here if you do not have a current card!

Watch our weekly Booktalks and Tip Videos on our Youtube Channel!

Remote Reader's Advisory - Talk with us about books and get suggestions on what to read next!  Use Google Hangouts to text, call, or video chat with us.

You can also use the hangouts link above to request tech assistance.

Teachers, your Librarians are also available to Present or Co-Teach lessons with Google Meet


Limited Contact

Use our Destiny Library Catalog to browse our collection and put books on hold! 
You will need to log in to the catalog with your computer user name and password to be able to put books on hold.
Holds will be pulled and delivered during 4th Period each day.  If you are a virtual student, you can request to pick up your books in the Main Office.  We will notify you when your book is ready!

Teachers may request boxes or carts of books to be delivered to their classrooms on Monday mornings.  Boxes/carts may be picked up on Wednesday so that they may be available to be reshelved the following Monday.  Teachers may keep boxes/carts longer than a week if desired.  Students will email Ms. Wheatley or Mrs. Courter if they wish to check out a book from their teacher's box/cart.  If checked out by a student, the book will be due back to the Library in 2 weeks.  The student may either return it to the Library themselves, or send it back with their teacher's next box/cart.


Full Contact with Sanitization

  • Students and teachers will still be able to access our Library in the traditional sense, but we ask that you please sanitize your hands upon entry.
  • Social distancing measures are in place for seating, and students are discouraged from gathering at shelves and in common areas of the Library.
  • Students will scan their own books when checking out. You will still need the assistance of a Librarian or Library Aide at the circulation desk.
  • Students will return books to a cart near the circulation desk.  Books on this cart will be quarantined for 48 hours before they are checked in and available for students to check out again.


Reading Interest Survey
Let us help you find something you will enjoy!

Public Library E-Card Sign Up!

Tarjeta electrónica de la biblioteca pública ¡Inscríbase!

TN READS - free ebooks, audiobooks, & more with your Library E-Card

RBDigital - digital magazines, Great Courses, British TV/Movies & Telenovelas, Series, y peliculas en Espanol

Library Policies

Library Goals


Remember, you can send a message to any of our social media accounts or email us to ask a question or to renew, reserve, or request a book!

New Additions 2019-2020

Little Free Library Cart (on hold for 2020-2021 school year due to Coronavirus)

The Little Free library Cart is stocked with donated & discarded books students can borrow or keep without fear of fines! Cart is moved to a different location in the school each day during 2nd period for student convenience. Monday - Gym Lobby, Tuesday - Cafeteria Hallway, Wednesday - 2nd Floor near ALP, Thursday - 2nd Floor English Wing, Friday - 3rd Floor (Central)

If you would like to donate funds or books for the cart, please message Ms. Wheatley - or direct message any of our social media accounts through the links above!


Puzzle Table (please use provided hand sanitizer!)

We repurposed an old atlas case as a puzzle worktable & storage unit! 
Students have completed several puzzles already this year!  If you are interested in donating more puzzles, Dollar Tree & Dollar General are great sources of low-cost, quality puzzles!


Makerspace (on hold for 2020-2021 school year due to Coronavirus)

We are still working on the best way to manage the makerspace both in terms of time, preparation, and physical space.  Community and teacher donations, as well as purchases with Scholastic Dollars from last year's bookfair, have provided materials for a makerspace, but implementation has proved challenging.  We still plan to provide a weekly activity for students during their lunch periods, but Ms. Wheatley is still working on getting that ready.


Silent Space During Morning Bus Duty

Students entering the Library during morning bus duty (7:20AM-7:50AM) agree to maintain a silent environment to allow for a brief period study and reflection at the beginning of the school day. Once a student enters the Library, they must remain there until 7:50AM, as with the other bus duty locations (Gym & Cafeteria).  Students who wish to talk with friends and/or eat are encouraged to go to one of the other bus duty locations, in order to preserve the peaceful environment for students who have chosen the Library as their morning destination.


Library Reorganization

We have reorganized several areas of the Library this year to better facilitate student access and create an environment more conducive to academic activities.

New Book Section

Quick Service Desk

Online Sign In

Rearranged and Weeded Nonfiction

Silent Study Area

MHHSE Library Receives TVA Simply Smart Grant for  Parent Engagement Resources for Caregivers and Children (PERCC) Collection


Want to help us put more books in the hands of students?

Email Ms. Wheatley at for info on donating books or funds to MHHSE Library


 Let us know what you are reading!

Email Mrs. Wheatley or Mrs. Courter through the email links above, send us a message on the Library Facebook, Instagram or Twitter @mhhselibrary #canesread

See what we are reading here!
Mrs. Wheatley

Mrs. Courter


Tips for Creating Student Book Reviews

Wondering what to read this year?

Check out the Ultimate Reading List from!

We are ALWAYS taking student suggestions for book purchases!  Email through the link above, use the form above, or send us a dm on twitter or instagram @mhhselibrary or Facebook message to recommend books we should add to your library!  Suggestions will be added to our list of books to purchase, & you will be notified when your request is ready to check out.