Work Ethic Distinction

Work Ethic Diploma Standards & Guidelines


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All Hamblen County students can benefit from the Work Ethic Diploma. The distinction is not just for Career and Technical Ed (CTE) students.

"Every Hamblen County high school student should work toward earning the Work Ethic Diploma," said Hugh Clement, interim director of Hamblen County Schools. "The diploma provides students with the key concepts and skills needed for success in both the workforce and in postsecondary education."

The Work Ethic Diploma of Distinction, which is offered in the are Cocke, Greene County, Greeneville City, Hawkins, Grainger, Sevier, Hamblen, and The First TN Development District was the created and developed by a collaboration of Hamblen County Schools, two other school districts, and regional employers.

The program began in school year 2015-2016 as part of the initial LEAP (Labor Education Alignment Program) grant.

"The requirements of the Work Ethic Diploma of Distinction are the same needed to prepare students for the workforce and to be college and career ready," said Chuck Carter, supervisor of CTE.

Brantley Smith, assistant director for curriculum and instruction, agreed. "All students need to embrace the Work Ethic Diploma of Distinction and should obtain this distinction."

"The Work Ethic Diploma of Distinction focuses on the right soft skills to make students successful," Smith said. "Every employer is looking for candidates who have mastered these skills. Employers are looking for that same skill set, whether for an assembly line, the military or in a profession. These skills are vital."

The Work Ethic Diploma of Distinction's requirements include attendance, punctuality, discipline, problem-solving, critical thinking, teamwork. Points may also be earned for maintaining a certain grade-point average, meeting the TN promise guidelines, completing a dual enrollment class, taking and even passing a drug test.

Earning a Work Ethic Diploma of Distinction shows that a student is a qualified employee," Carter said. "It is a distinction in a student's tool belt proving they have the soft skills necessary to be successful."

The Hamblen County Department of Education is meeting the academic needs of students and the Work Ethic Diploma is another step in preparing students to be college and career ready, Carter said.

Currently more than 30 businesses and industries in the Lakeway region guarantee students who have obtained this distinction with the Work Ethic Diploma of Distinction an interview.

"The Work Ethic Diploma of Distinction on a student's resume is a credential that gives them an edge over the candidate without it," Carter said. "Plus, students benefit from all the skills they gain."

For more information about the Work Ethic Diploma of Distinction, see your counselor or Senior Storm Advisor.